[Space Rogues Movie Poster] Space Rogues T.S.E.

"Epic Space Adventure"
Roanoke Times and World News

"The best film I've ever made"
Lloyd Eldred

"A cross between Blakes 7 and Lost in Space"
Patrick Foley

Following the collapse of Earth's biosphere, mankind scattered throughout the galaxy in slow moving colony ships. One such expedition was organized by the Tomorrow Space Enterprises corporation. Upon arrival in the Paradisio system, the expedition acted with single minded devotion to its sole goal: developing the technologies to reunite humanity's scattered tribes. It is now 2508 and the time of those breakthroughs is at hand.

The Paradisio system was exactly what the T.S.E. expedition had hoped for: a system rich in industrial resources. A dangerous, but marginally habitable planet was a minor bonus in their minds.

The Space Rogues story focuses on the consequences of the invention of the "inversion drive" technology. The good news is that this drive allows human-kind faster than light travel for the first time. The bad news is that the technology is controlled by just one man, bent on galactic domination.

The TV series

Space Rogues has been outlined into a 113 episode "arc". As this is an amateur film project, there's very little serious intention to do all 113 episodes. A pilot movie containing the first three episodes is now complete. This movie introduces the situation, the characters, and many of the conflicts that will be themes thoughout the arc. Early pre-production has begun on several additional episodes. An eight minute blooper reel has also been assembled.

The world premier of the pilot episodes took place at Technicon, March 14-16, 1997 in Blacksburg, Virginia. Audience reaction has been superb.

A new, two episode, story is currently in production. The story falls into the overall arc as epsiodes 13 and 14, On Broken Ground and The Edge of Whatever. They were written by Chris Impink, who not only did our great poster art (above) but also plays Chief Paul Herrera in the films.

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